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Top 6 Films of 2012

It was the year of several 3-hour-long comic book movies (none of which appear on my list below), the emergence of Taylor Kitsch as the go-to star for large budget flops, and a million Mayan Apocalypse jokes that stopped being funny back in 2007.

At least six decent films were released in 2012. Max Mastrangelo and I discuss them at length on the most recent podcast of the Film Fustians, available on the Talk Radio One web page, or on iTunes.

1. Moonrise Kingdom

The most Wes Andersony of Wes Anderson films, Moonrise Kingdom edges close to whimsy overload but I ultimately found this to be the most hilarious, visually stunning, and emotionally satisfying movie I saw all year.

(But really, to be honest, I picked this movie as my number 1 because it has the same initials as me.)

2. The Cabin In The Woods

A brilliant satire of torture porn that serves just as equally as a thrilling phantasmagoria. Drew Goddard’s directorial debut is sheer genius from beginning to its jaw-dropping ending. Required viewing for all fans of the horror genre and anyone who enjoys films that subvert expectations.

3. The Master

This gutsy, difficult, profound film about how mankind attempts to overcome its animal nature features a ferocious performance by Joaquin Phoenix. Paul Thomas Anderson is quickly becoming one of my favorite modern filmmakers, a visionary who makes original films for grown-ups.

4. Skyfall

One of the most visually astonishing films I’ve ever seen, this smart and propulsive James Bond thriller is the only one that I can unequivocally say I loved.

5. Cloud Atlas

It was a huge, insane risk to make a $100 million blockbuster of this dense novel that has 6 completely different storylines, two of which use barely recognizable jargon for dialogue. But damn if they didn’t pull this off. Ambitious, bizarre, messy, and riveting.

6. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I went into this a doubter, and came out renewed in my adoration of Peter Jackson’s arresting version of this world. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, you mad Kiwi. Can you forgive me?

For my full top 10 list, as well as honorable mentions, be sure to catch the Film Fustians.

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